Cover for Antigua and Barbuda (Other Places Travel Guide)
Book Info:
Paperback: 154 pages
Published: August 2008
ISBN: 978-0615218373
Dimensions: 8 x 5
Available only as a paperback at this time

Antigua and Barbuda: Island Guide

“I really enjoyed reading this book and think it will be very helpful for first time visitors to Antigua. It includes the history as well as information on present day island life and also some very interesting stories.This guide will certainly enable visitors to explore and see all that the island has to offer as well as have an insight into the culture of it's local people. It is written by someone who really knows the the island and has some very valuable advice for the readers.”
- Christine Williams, customer and Antigua resident

About the Travel Guide

This formidable compilation is the result of firsthand experience and over two years of research. The Antigua & Barbuda Island Guide provides insightful information that allows visitors to feel like locals while enjoying the indisputable beauty of this Caribbean nation.

GAIN INSIGHT – Behind those long stretches of white sand beach and turquoise colored water is a vibrant culture all its own. Get an insightful look at Antigua & Barbuda’s history, culture, environment, politics, and people.

TOUR THE TWIN-ISLANDS – With detailed maps and resources for getting around, let the Antigua & Barbuda Island Guide steer you in the right direction while keeping you informed on everything the island has to offer.

EAT OUT – An exhaustive dining guide highlights those hidden spots where locals go to dine and points out internationally acclaimed restaurants.

FIND ACCOMMODATIONS – From first class resorts to hilltop villas to deserted beachfront cabins, Antigua & Barbuda has it all when it comes to finding a place to stay (you just have to know where to look).

ARRANGE ACTIVITIES – Are you dreaming about landing that big marlin? Or wanting to search for sunken treasure off Barbuda’s coast? How about chartering your own private yacht for the day? It’s all here waiting for you.

Your Guide to Antigua and Barbuda: Christopher Beale

After graduating college and landing an unfulfilling desk job, Chrstopher set off for the Peace Corps in hopes of an adventure. He would spend the next two years living and working on Antigua and Barbuda while exploring everything the island has to offer. After his service, he continued to live on Antigua where he began to research and write this book.