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Paperback: 208 pages
Published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-0982261910
Dimensions: 8 x 5
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“Having this book is like knowing locals. Erika Kraus and Felicie Reid give so much detailed information that I felt like they were touring Benin with me. It's obvious that the authors of this book spent years in Benin and didn't just visit. This book describes the diverse cultures of Benin and guides the reader through areas rarely visited by tourists. This book is a wonderful travel companion and a rare insight into this fascinating country.”
- Review from Reader

About the Travel Guide

Benin is a country of wonder and mystery, fitting for all levels of adventure and comfort. Its unique mixture of culture, history, geography, and wildlife attracts thousands of travelers in search of the ultimate West African experience. From thrilling zemidjan moped rides to spotting hippos from dug-out canoes, traveling across Benin will surely stimulate visitors' senses and broaden their horizons. The authors Felicie Reid and Erika Kraus provide the necessary elements to tour the country and to appreciate the diverse cultures of the wonderful people who live there.

Plunge into the steaming, turbulent streets of Cotonou to discover the city's lively markets and nightlife, all the while enjoying access to international foods and air-conditioned hotels. Explore the rural settlements along the mighty Mono River to the west, or hike in the picturesque granite hills of the central Collines region. Lounge on the sunny, palm-fringed beaches of Grand Popo, and re-live the era of the Dahomey Kingdom and the slave trade in the historical cities of Ouidah and Abomey. Embark on a veritable wildlife safari in the national parks of the north, and marvel at the vast plains of the Sahel in the upper Atakora and Alibori regions. Above all, the resilient spirit, charm, and vitality of the Beninese people will captivate visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Your Guides to Benin: Erika Kraus and Felicie Reid

Erika Kraus
Originally from a small town in rural Kansas, Erika graduated college with a degree in Biology and French. After being stumped with finding a suitable outlet for her refined skills, Erika decided to join the Peace Corps giving her an opportunity to live in a francophone West African nation. Erika was assigned to Benin where (along with learning how to hail a taxi and navigate big-city traffic) she immersed herself in her new surroundings and discovered everything her new home had to offer.

Felicie Reid
Felicie Reid is a French- born aspiring writer with a degree in Environmental Science. Her passion for nature, travel, and adventure has taken her across much of Europe, the United States, South America, and West Africa. She served for two and a half years with the Peace Corps as an Environmental Action volunteer in Benin, where she had the opportunity to experience firsthand the culture and way of life of this amazing country. Felicie used the knowledge she had gained while living and traveling across Benin to write this book.