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Paperback: 252 pages
Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-0982261927
Dimensions: 8 x 5
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Cape Verde

“This is a down-to-earth, practical guide to getting around Cape Verde Islands and understanding something of the history and the people. Callie's guide is well-written, respectful of local customs and POV--and she gives good advice and tips on how to have a good time and connect with local Cape Verdean people. Thank you, Callie, for helping people around the world understand our homeland and culture better.”
- Roxanne Mchenry, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer and Cape Verdean-American

About the Travel Guide

Cape Verde is an elusive mix of everything. It is a blend of Portugal, a dash of Brazil, a hint of America and a slice of Africa. The archipelago consists of unique islands that offer everything from isolated windswept beaches, mountainous misty forests, giant salt flats and black volcanic lava flows. Each area has a different dialect of Kriolu, special traditional dishes and a unique cultural dance that defines that region. There are top-of-the-line luxury hotels with the latest technology as well as small-town pensions in remote villages, rich in tradition. The most inviting aspect of this country is its ‘morabeza’, the charm, candor and genuine hospitality of its people, and the vibrant, rich diversity of each island.

From luxury to thrill, the islands of Cape Verde offer experiences as varied and exciting as the traveler. They may be known as the Forgotten Islands, but they are anything but forgettable.

Your Guides to Cape Verde: Callie Flood and Brittany Kuhn

Callie Flood
After receiving her degree in Literature at the University of Massachusetts, Callie packed her suitcases filled with ideals and began a two year adventure in the archipelago of Cape Verde. The rich experience provided her the opportunity to return independently to merge her understanding of the culture and “down-to-Earth” realities of life in Cape Verde with her passion for writing. Through this book, Callie hopes to offer the reader an informed and personal guide to the fascinating diversity of this island nation.

Brittany Kuhn
Brittany Kuhn served as a Peace Corps volunteer on the island of Fogo from 2006-2008. During her service she taught English, worked on community development projects, and sought funding grants for those seeking medical assistance in the town of Ponta Verde. Brittany has also worked in Brazil and with USAID in Mozambique.