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Paperback: 304 pages
Published: May 2011
ISBN: 978-0982261972
Dimensions: 8 x 5
Available in print and as an ebook


"I just returned from my first trip to Dominica, I had a great trip, and having studied this guide made a tremendous difference. The information on hikes and other activities was very good. The detailed maps were invaluable. This guide and one of the "give away" maps found everywhere in Dominica is all you need to successfully travel this beautiful island."
- Craig Thompson, Reader
"Good info coming from a locals perspective. Would recommend to anyone going to Dominica, saved us some money with inside tips and was nice to get restaurant recommendations to the limited choices you do have."
- AKGirl, Reader

About the Travel Guide

It's hard to find a nation that dances to a friendlier, more laid-back tempo than Dominica. The island rises majestically out of a turquoise-blue sea and provides a visually stunning backdrop to an easy-going way of life. Anna, who served as a Peace Corps volunteer on Dominica, and Zak, a long-time resident on the island, use their island-wide network of experts and friends to provide local, insider knowledge into this unique Caribbean island. With candid reviews of restaurants and hotels plus itineraries and advice for any traveler, this guide won't leave you wondering what to do next. Take advantage of the practical tips for traveling on a budget and off the beaten tourist path with all of the maps you'll need for hiking, driving, or exploring on foot or by bus.

Included in this book is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive hiking guide featuring the newly developed Waitukubuli National Trail. With first-hand knowledge, cultural insights, and personal recommendations, this book is your key to the real Dominica.

Your Guides to Dominica: Anna McCanse and Zak Klein

Anna McCanse
After teaching for several years in California, Anna decided to take her skills on the road and joined the Peace Corps where she served in Dominica from 2006-2008 as an education volunteer. When she wasn’t working at her village’s primary school she could be found swimming beneath waterfalls, jumping into rivers, hiking up mountains, learning to play steel-pan drums, playing with the kids in her village and reading lots and lots of books. She was overjoyed to have the opportunity to travel back to Dominica to write this guide and share her favorite places with everyone. She’s also happy that she can stop assaulting innocent bystanders with her stories of Dominica and can now just say “hey-go buy the book!”

Zak Klein
Zak originally discovered Dominica nine years ago after a friend’s suggestion that he and the island might be perfect for each other. He relocated to a tiny village on Dominica’s quiet east coast to settle a small hillside plot with a hand-built shack. His friend was correct. He embraced the local rhythms of waking, walking, working and bathing accented with notes of laughter and fresh harvest from the soil and the sea. Zak is grateful to share his local knowledge and outdoor expertise to explore the Nature Island.