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Paperback: 322 pages
Published: December 2012
ISBN: 978-1935850120
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25
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“Accurate information, plenty of details, solid hotel and restaurant recommendations. The chapter on the people and culture is by far the best of any of the guidebooks, and the lengthy descriptions of places allow you to fully get a feel for where you are going before you arrive.”
- Reader

About the Travel Guide

The authors, Maya Moore and Sara LeHoullier, fell in love with Madagascar during their time in the Peace Corps, and haven’t been able to stay away since. Over the past several years, they have investigated every corner of this stunningly diverse island, immersing themselves in the language and culture, and discovering new adventures (not to mention fabulous restaurants, hotels, and attractions) to share with fellow travelers. This guide provides practical advice, detailed maps, and firsthand knowledge to help explorers navigate both on and off the beaten path.
  • Observe thousands of species of wildlife that exist only on this thrilling island.
  • Bask on pristine beaches or get your heart racing while kayaking, surfing, or snorkeling in the clear, warm waters.
  • Explore Madagascar’s National Parks and Special Reserves that will boggle the mind and get the blood pumping.
  • Experience the rich culture of Madagascar with its art, heritage, dance, music, and its warm and welcoming people.

Your Guides to Madagascar: Sara LeHoullier and Maya Moore

Sara LeHoullier
Sara LeHoullier has made the terrifically long journey to Madagascar and back seven times and lived there for almost four years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, researcher, and traveler. She has trekked, biked, taken taxi-brousses, flown, and paddled from one tip of that great island to the other, having life-altering adventures and making unforgettable friends.

Maya Moore
Maya Moore first began her adventures in Madagascar in 2004 as a Peace Corps Volunteer trudging through mud, braving treacherous log bridges across rainforest streams, and growing her own rice. She and a group of fellow Madagascar-lovers recently founded the Maroantsetra Area Development Association (M.A.D.A.) whose mission is to provide educational and economic opportunities to communities in the Maroantsetra region.