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Paperback: 394 pages
Published: August 2012
ISBN: 978-1935850021
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25
Available in print and as an ebook


“The short story is, don't buy touristy travel guides. More importantly, don't be a tourist. Engage with real people, see the country the way people that love it see it, and don't exploit anyone, ever. This travel guide will help you do that. It's the only guide about Mongolia like that on the planet and it's the only one you need to read.”
- Travis Hellstom, Founder of Advance Humanity and Former Mongolia Peace Corps Volunteer

About the Travel Guide

Mongolia is an adventurous travel destination. While some luxury accommodations exist in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar (UB) and some tourist hot spots have more Westerner-friendly accommodations, the most interesting experiences are outside the capital, where travelers must be creative, patient, and resourceful. The good news, though, is that your extra work pays off – and this book will serve you well in discovering the real Mongolia.

  • Wander off the beaten path to enjoy the unique hospitality of pastoral nomads on the steppe.
  • Take in the rolling mountains, meandering streams, and nourishing lakes that gave rise to some of the world’s greatest civilizations.
  • Explore Tibetan Buddhist monasteries – many of which have been hidden from outsiders for centuries.
  • Watch the three manly sports, experience the four cardinal directions upside-down, and learn the five traditional herd animals of the Mongols.
  • Ride to where roads become pastures and pastures become desserts in the “Land of the Blue Sky.”

Your Guides to Mongolia: Nathan Chamberlain, Leslie Chamberlain, Ashlee Christian, and Andrew Cullen

The authors of this book served as Peace Corps Volunteersin Mongolia and, combined, lived for over ten years in Mongolia. They lived, worked, and played in local communities all across the sparsely-populated steppe and in the quickly developing urban centers. With the help of local travel experts, host families, fellow travelers, and a national network of expats and locals, they share their distinct perspectives so that you can experience the country as they did – from the inside.