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Paperback: 440 pages
Published: August 2017
ISBN: 978-1935850119
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25
Available in print and as an ebook


"I hate to think of all the mistakes that I would have made planning my trip if I had not bought this book. It is a must."
- Ronald Black Baker, Reader
"I received Paraguay (Other Places Travel Guide) and sat down to peruse it. One hundred pages later, I realized what a wonderful book it is. I found myself reading for the sheer enjoyment."
- Don Miguel, Reader

About the Travel Guide

Fully Updated 2nd Edition to the Indispensable Travel Guide to Paraguay

Of Paraguayan descent, the author spent four years exploring Paraguay’s hidden gems and popular tourist attractions. This is an invaluable guide to experiencing everything Paraguay has to offer with cultural insights and practical recommendations. Included is the only available guide to traveling along the Paraguay River to the Pantanal, a little visited region where remote indigenous communities coexist with endangered wildlife. No matter your budget or appetite for adventure, this book is a must for discovering the real Paraguay.

  • Learn key cultural insights and useful Guaraní phrases that will have you bonding with friendly locals in no time.
  • Embark upon a riverboat adventure to the Paraguayan Pantanal where jaguars hunt capybaras, jabiru storks soar overhead, and tourists are rare.
  • Take part in Paraguay’s unique culture by eating local food, drinking tereré, participating in religious festivals, and engaging with artisans.
  • Navigate the country like a local with detailed maps and comprehensive information on driving, public transportation, and traveling on foot.
  • Enjoy Asuncion’s active and affordable nightlife or soak up the countryside’s relaxed atmosphere from the comfort of a hammock.

Your Guide to Paraguay: Romy Natlia Goldberg

The daughter of a Paraguayan mother and American father (a Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Paraguay), Natalia spent most of her childhood living in and traveling throughout Latin America. As a child she often played “guide book author” with her sister, who would pretend to be a hotel owner. From an early age she visited Paraguay frequently, soaking up the country’s unique traditions, marveling at the beautiful landscapes and eating plenty of chipa. In writing this guidebook she hopes to share the country she knows and loves with fellow travelers. Natalia writes the bilingual blog Discovering Paraguay (