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Paperback: 250 pages
Published: October 2011
ISBN: 978-1935850045
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25
Available in print and as an ebook


"I have had my copy for a week and already it is covered in notes, highlighting and earmarked pages. Ashley's book has been a great tool for planning our trip, which we couldn't be more excited about. She has provided a lot of great tips and insider information for questions I didn't know to ask. This isn't a book full of shiny advertisements of places to visit in Ukraine, it's an honest interpretation of actual experience that has left me feeling confident about our upcoming travels."
- Reader

About the Travel Guide

Ukraine. People hear it and generally, if they’ve never visited, their mind immediately thinks of harsh winters and dreary landscapes. However, those who have traveled here soon discover a secret magnificence that somehow has eluded much of the outside world. From ski-towns nestled into the Carpathians in the West and beaches framed by lush hills and the clear waters of the Black Sea in the South; to the cobblestoned and cafe-lined streets of Lviv over to the thriving metropolis that is Kyiv: Ukraine’s diversity is astounding.

Not for the subdued traveler, Ukraine challenges it’s visitors with experiences that make even the most competent of backpackers go “oh my god I’m in a foreign country.” It’s that rarely felt, in today’s modern-world, realization that makes adventure seekers fall in love with Ukraine. Bordering Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova, Ukraine is the perfect spot for border-crossing addicts. Western visitors are still a rare site here so get ready endless amounts of homemade Horilka and start practicing your Ukrainian toasts. Ukrainians will welcome you with open arms and a full shot glass. Bud’mo! Welcome to Ukraine.

Your Guide to Ukraine: Ashley Hardaway

Ashley always had a penchant for wandering. This is probably due to a youth infused with episodes of “Great Chefs of the World,” the introduction of The Travel Channel, the internet and parents who enjoyed vacationing in completely random and remote countries (because “what’s the point of going somewhere and only seeing tourists?”). It came as no shock to anyone then when, a month after graduating from the University of Central Florida, Ashley left for Ukraine for a two-year stint with the Peace Corps.