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Book Info:
Paperback: 310 pages
Published: April 2014
ISBN: 978-1935850168
Dimensions: 8 x 5.25
Available in print and as an ebook

Yangon and Shwedagon Pagoda

“Here's a book that really gets it right. The key is the author's appreciation of all things Burmese, rather than simply highlighting the obvious tourist destinations. This book just oozes authenticity.”
- Jon L. Albee, Top 1000 Reviewer

About the Travel Guide

Myanmar is turning a new page and Yangon is at the center of a vibrant cultural, political and economic renaissance. This publication, the first travel guide in over half a century to focus only on Myanmar’s most famous city, explores this transforming city from a local’s perspective with firsthand, on-the-ground research that highlights the city’s best sites, restaurants and eateries while providing all the context and insight a traveler needs to fully appreciate the local culture. Written by people who love to travel, let us be your guide to this amazing town, and reveal the most unique and memorable experiences that Yangon has to offer.
  • Unique insight into Yangon’s history, people and culture, plus need-to-know information on preparing for travel and what to expect when visiting Yangon.
  • Reviews and personal recommenations for 102 sites, 111 nightlife venues, 164 accommodations (from budget guesthouses to luxury hotels), and 343 eateries.
  • A chapter dedicated solely to Shwedagon Pagoda, including a full write-up of the major halls and stupas found in and around the temple complex.
  • Detailed maps, sprawled over 35 pages, cover nine unique areas of Yangon.

Your Guide to Yangon and Shwedagon Pagoda: T F Rhoden

T F Rhoden has had a decade-long romance with Southeast Asia. First as a student at Webster University Thailand (2000-2003) and then as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the northeast of Thailand (2005-2007). In 2009, T F Rhoden had his first long-term encounter with Myanmar as a volunteer with Burma Volunteer Project. Since then, Rhoden has found himself making multiple trips back to Myanmar, including a stint over the summer in 2013 where he and his cohorts researched much of this book. When Rhoden isn’t figuring out a way to get back to Southeast Asia, he spends his time pursuing a Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies.