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Pages: 300
Published: March 2012
ISBN: 978-1935850106
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  Ghana (Other Places Travel Guide)
  Maria Karlya, Mike Dreyfuss, Sonya Dugal, Julie Nguyen
"This is the most up-to-date and detailed Ghana guide book out there. A must read for any volunteer, adventurer, or exchange student. You can tell these authors lived in Ghana and loved it yet have a realistic view of it. "
- Kente Master, Actual customer  

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Ghana has earned its reputation of being one of the friendliest, most laid-back and affordable countries to visit in Africa. Whether you want to experience the rich history and culture, have an eco-adventure or relax on one of the many beaches, this country will have you covered.

The writers of this guide lived, worked and played in Ghana for a combined nine years while serving as Peace Corps Volunteers. With cultural insights, personal recommendations and practical tips, they provide an in-depth and insightful guide to experiencing this extraordinary country. Do you want to experience the real Ghana? Then this book is a must.

- Discover the culture first-hand by eating the local food, partaking in age-old ceremonies and watching traditional drumming, dancing and storytelling. 
- Explore the natural beauty and wildlife of Africa at Ghana’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 
- Experience local markets like the massive Kejetia Market and the famous Odumase Krobo Bead Market. 
- Relax on sunny, palm-fringed beaches before exploring Gold Coast historical sites along the coast. 
- Navigate the country like a local using detailed maps and comprehensive transportation sections.

Five Stars Extremely Helpful
This book was easy to read and had great descriptions of what to expect in Ghana..and several hilarious stories! The stories matched several of my experiences. I highly recommend anyone traveling to Ghana to buy this book so you are not caught unaware by things as simple as what to expect toilet wise, what are some of the most significant cultural differences to be aware of and respect, as well as learn where some of the top places are that are a must-see inside the country. You will not regret the purchase. Worth every penny in my opinion.

- "Legally Brunette," Actual customer (Amazon.com)

Five Stars Ghana Now
This is the most up to date and detailed Ghana guide book out there. A must read to any volunteer, adventurer, or exchange student. Other guide books all pretty much say the same general things. You can tell these authors lived in Ghana and loved it yet have a realistic view of it. Trust what they say not to do and above all trust what they say is worth checking out!

- Kente Master, Actual customer (Amazon.com)

four star reviewGhana Other Places Travel Guide

Found the book very current and specific with lots of first hand items about things many travellers are interested in. Easy to use.

- Alan Ruge, Actual customer (Amazon.com)

About the Authors

Maria Karlya
After receiving a degree in Journalism, Maria left the comforts of her home in NYC to find something to write about. She found herself living in rural Ghana with bats and bugs, serving as a health volunteer with the Peace Corps. For a bit over two years she lived and worked as people have in Ghana for hundreds of years, never being short on something to write. When she wasn’t reminding her community to wash their hands, she tromped through Ghana’s ten regions, each being vastly different than the next. She is now back in the big apple, pursuing journalism and public health and still washing her clothes in the bathtub.

mike dreyfussMike Dreyfuss
Living and working in the Northern Region with the Dagomba tribe gave Mike a deeper understanding of this unique people and culture.  During the course of his service, he had an opportunity to form close friendships with Ghanaians, becoming intricately engaged with his community.  A particular highlight has been when family and friends visit, opening an opportunity to guide them through Ghana and give them a taste of the warmth of the Ghanaian people in some local spots.  Helping them avoid the pitfalls that he stumbled through, and guide them to some of the more out of the way places – not to mention some money saving tricks. Mike now shares his knowledge with you in this guidebook.

Sonya Dugal
Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Sonya had big dreams of becoming a super secret spy working for the FBI. She also loved art and all things color. Putting two and two together, she attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where her motto was "Fighting crime! One paintbrush at a time!". After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design, Sonya joined the Peace Corps to save the world. Still serving as a volunteer in Ghana, Sonya teaches art and ballroom dancing at a deaf school, and in her free time, enjoys rapping in sign language, eating cheese, and exploring unexplored potential.

Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen was born in California and raised in Tennessee where she graduated from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. After graduating, Julie journeyed to Ghana, West Africa to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a business advisor with a Non-Profit Organization.  She spent her two years in Ghana teaching women and children about business, marketing, exporting and generally how to be more fabulous. In her off time, Julie traveled the country looking for the hidden treasures found off the beaten path...and buying stuff off people's heads.